Hobart Airport Car Park Terms and Conditions

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What kind of terms and conditions Hobart Airport car park apply? Someone please tell me about Hobart Airport car park terms and conditions.

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  1. Guest6399
    Hobart Airport Car Park Terms and Conditions are as follows: 1 CUSTOMER’S OBLIGATIONS
    1.1 You enter and use this car park at your own risk.
    1.2 You warrant that you are either the owner of the vehicle, or authorized by the owner of the vehicle as agent of the owner, to park and use this car park.
    1.3 If you use this car park as an agent of the owner of the vehicle, by agreeing to these Conditions of Entry, you accept that these conditions of Entry apply to you as well as to the owner of the vehicle.
    1.4 You must pay all applicable fees arising out of the use of this car park. You must produce upon exiting the car park a valid ticket issued to you upon entering the car park. If you cannot produce the ticket at your departure you will be charged a penalty rate. The schedule of Fees is displayed at the entrance to the car park and may change from time to time at the sole discretion of Hobart International Airport Pty Ltd (ABN 27 080 919 777) (HIAPL).
    1.5 Whilst in the car park you must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, orders and notifications in force relating to driving and all conditions and instructions of HIAPL.
    1.6 You agree: not to cause any obstruction; to only park in the area designate by HIAPL as a parking area; not to use this car park other than in accordance with instructions HIAPL may give; and to comply with all reasonable directions and requests made by HIAPL.
    1.7 If you intend to leave your vehicle in the car park for more than 28 days, you are strongly recommended to notify HIAPL in writing of your intention to do so.
    2.1 Please drive carefully in the car park and obey the directional and other signs.
    2.2 After you have parked your vehicle please proceed to the nearest delineated footpath or exit. To the extent practicable, please walk only on designated footpaths and marked pedestrian crossings.
    2.3 Please supervise all children under your care. Children should not be permitted to play in the car park.
    3.1 HIAPL reserves the right to refuse entry or request you to leave the car park if: you are in breach of these terms and conditions; for any reason you breach the peace or threaten the safety or security of other users of the car park, any property or the car park; or you are under the influence of alcohol.
    HIAPL shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused as a result of any action taken in accordance to this paragraph.
    3.2 You acknowledge that HIAPL may cancel parking services if the use of the car park is affected by any event beyond the reasonable control of HIAPL. In no circumstances will HIAPL be liable for any loss or damage which you may incur as a result of any such occurrence or event.
    4 Limitations of Liability and Disclaimer
    4.1 HIAPL cannot guarantee the security of your vehicle whilst in the car park. Your vehicle and any articles or personal belongings inside it remain at all times at your own risk.
    4.2 To the fullest extent permitted by law, HIAPL shall not be liable, whether in negligence or any other tort or in contract or on any other basis whatsoever for and you release HIAPL (and all of its officers , employees, contractors and agents) from any loss or destruction of, or diminution of value or damage to your vehicle or any articles or personal belongings inside your vehicle and any injury you or your passengers may suffer whilst you are in the car park and/or which occurs whilst your vehicle is in the car park.
    4.3 You will be liable for any destruction, loss or damage caused by you or your vehicle to other persons or property, including all property of HIAPL and the property of any contractor engaged by HIAPL to manage the car park or to provide other services in respect of the car park.
    5 Authorities In Respect Of the Vehicle
    You authorize HIAPL to use any method and/or do all other things reasonably necessary to start, move or relocate your vehicle in the event of an emergency or if your vehicle is parked illegally.
    6 Unpaid Fees and Abandonment
    6.1 You acknowledge that you will not be able to exit the car park until all fees for the parking of your vehicle have been paid.
    6.2 HIAPL reserves the right to sell any vehicle which it reasonably believes to have been abandoned and shall be entitled to regard as abandoned any vehicle which has been in the car park for more than 60 days without prior notification. HIAPL may, after making reasonable attempts to contact you, sell your vehicle and/or the goods in the vehicle by auction or otherwise at the sole discretion of HIAPL and the proceeds may be applied to or in satisfaction of unpaid fees and the costs of selling the vehicle. If after deduction of all monies owing to HIAPL including the expenses of sale there is surplus balance of sale proceeds, such surplus shall be paid by you.
    7 Valet Parking
    If you are accessing the Valet Parking Services offered by HIAPL, these Conditions of Entry shall be read together with the Valet Parking Terms and Conditions.
    8 Variations to Terms and Conditions
    HIAPL reserves the right to amend these Conditions of Entry and the Valet Parking Terms and Conditions at any time, in its sole discretion. Any amendcomements to these Conditions of Entry will be effective immediately upon posting on HIAPL’s website. It is your responsibility to check for amendments before using this car park.

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