Home based data entry jobs in Pakistan

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What types of home based data entry jobs are available in Pakistan and how do I apply for same?

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  1. Guest6300

    Working at freelance sites is the best/easiest way to earn legitimate money on the internet while staying at your home. You are your own Boss and you will work whenever you want to. Most importantly, it is 100% Free to join these sites. To get these online jobs, you will never pay any money from your pocket ever.

    Here is a list of freelancing websites.

    1. Getafreelancer (GAF) [100% Free To Join]

    2. Scriptlance (SL) [For The Option "Account Type"; Choose "Programmer" NOT "Buyer"] [100% Free To Join]

    3. Elance [Free Membership Available]

    4. oDesk

  2. Guest4126

    There are many websites that offer online jobs in Pakistan to make money. If you can’t do any kind of work and have knowledge about internet then online jobs are the best to make money while sitting at your home. Many of the websites are free to join and jobs are posted on the home page. Here is the list of some websites that offer home based online jobs:

    1. Getafreelancer (GAF)

    2. Scriptlance (SL)

    3. Elance

    4. oDesk

    These all sites are free to join and you can easily make money by visiting any of these sites. There are many online jobs available on these websites like:

    • PHP

    • MySQL

    • Joomla

    • Javascript

    • XML

    • Social Networking

    • Modifications

    • Blogs writer

    • Article Writing

    • Data Entry

    • Article Submission

    • Content Writing

    • Website Design

    • Logos

    • Graphics

    • HTML

    • XHTML

    • CSS

    • Wordpress

    • Search Engine Optimization

    • Links

    • Link Building

    • Twitter

    • Facebook


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