Homemade Ice Cream Recipe Without ice cream makers

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Hey name is Katharine Sandy, I’m from California. I want to make homemade ice cream recipe without ice cream maker as I don’t have any ice cream maker or ice cream making tool.Kindly answer me as quickly as possible.

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  1. selvester robin

     People have been making ice cream from ages even before the invention of Ice cream maker. The only difference which mostly occurs at the end in making homemade ice cream is that the ice cream which you create from ice cream maker is way smoother and creamier than the one you create without maker. If you beat your mixture well, you can achieve that smoothness and fluffiness which you find through maker.

    Here is the homemade ice cream recipe without any ice cream maker.

    1) Prepare a thick mixture of your favourite ice cream flavor and chill it over Freezer.

    2)  Place a deep baking dish or bowl, it should be made of plastic or stainless steel or something which remains durable in the Freezer and pour the mixture in it.

    3) Check out the mixture condition after exact 40 minutes. You will notice that the mixture starts freezing from the edges. Beat it up well with the help of spatula and break it up. After breaking the mixture, place the mixture to freezer again.

    4) Check the material periodically; keep on stirring the material whenever you find it freezing by the help of spatula. It will take 2 to 3 hours to be ready.

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