How Askari Home Musharakah Works?

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Everyone wants to live in the best place that is comfortably affordable. This means being able to cope with other financial commitment, while still having money left over for extras and unexpected expenses. I want to know about Askari home Musharkah works

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    The procedure for Askari home Musharkah is given below:                          Joint ownership is created in the property between Bank & Customer on the basis of the Musharakah Agreement. (This is bases on the principles of Shirkat ul Milk),                               Bank’s share is divided into units and is given to the client on rent,                   Client promises to purchase Bank’s share (units) over the tenure of transaction,                                                   Client purchases the units every month and will eventually become the owner of the property,                                              Rental amount will be adjusted according to the bank’s share (units) remaining in the property,

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