How Facebook helps people spread things on facebook

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How Facebook helps people spread things on facebook?

Any member who joins a group is merely making a statement about himself - "Yes, I am against For or against." A new member is not necessarily saying "send this information to my friends," he is just joining the group. But as each new person joined, Facebook takes that information and distributs it to the News Feeds of that person's friends.

Then when those people joined the group, Facebook reported that news to their friends' News Feeds. Something like Morales's anti-FARC campaign that taps into a latent need or desire can spread virally with lightning speed, making groups huge overnight.
Large-scale broadcast of information was formerly the province of electronic media-radio and television.

But the Facebook cases like Colombia or Iran - means ordinary individuals are initiating the broadcast. You don't have to know anything special or have any particular skills. Twitter is another service with a more limited range of functions that can also enable powerful broadcasting over the Internet by any individual. It too has had significant political impact.

This all may be either a constructive or a destructive force. Facebook is giving individuals in societies across the world more power relative to social institutions, and that may well lead to very disruptive changes.

In some societies it may destabilize institutions many of us would rather stay the same. But it also holds the promise-as is starting to be shown in Egypt, Indonesia, and elsewhere-of posing challenges to long-standing repressive state institutions and practices. Facebook makes it easier for people to organize themselves.

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  1. Guest6870

     Facebook in short span of time has seen massive success, now the world is more interconnected than ever before, its all due to easy access to facebook. Facebook is a dynamic social networking site, that is  evolving according to the needs of its users.

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