How Indian girls can lose belly fat

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How Indian girls can lose belly fat

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  1. Kuljit Grewal

     The suggestions below are all fantastic. If there is anything that I can add it is that diet is about 80 per cent of the solution while exercise makes up the remaining 20 per cent. Although belly fat in particular cannot be specifically targetted, eating fewer calories than your body (at your current weight) needs daily will lead to gradual and healthy weight loss. By calculating your daily caloric needs and reducing the amount by 500, you can put yourself in a great position.

    Focus should be on raw vegetables, lean meats and fish as well as good fats. Dinner should be your smallest and lightest meal, while breakfast can be made up of half your daily caloric needs.

    Cardio and resistance training (weights, pilates, yoga) are major help.

  2. Jack Fisher

    Losing belly fat is important for all women not just Indian women and there are all kinds of tips to make it happen.  For Indian women number one enemy for excess belly fat is the oil.  Lots of oil is used when cooking and there are all kinds of fried food that is consumed on regular basis, samosa, Dosa, Halwa Paratha, Paratha, Namak para and Pakoras just to name few.  Keeping away from these kind of snacks can help but also the timing of the eating.  

    All the health gurus suggest eating a healty balance diet is the key but in particular dinner should be health and should be eaten not too late.  From what I heard from Indian friends, dinner is the heaviest meal and lots of the time is eaten very late.

    Here are my tips for Indian girls Losing belly fat :

    1. Cooking is the key, make sure use none sticky pans so you don’t have to use unnecessary oil and use water to stir fry instead of oil
    2. If you eat Meat, Make sure to heat your pan properly and  the oil in it.  It is proven when the oil is hot it does not get soaked in the meat being cooked but if you just through warm oil on the meat, it will be absorbed right away.
    3. Drink lots of water here are some benefits for drinking water and using it to lose weight
    4. keep your stomach sucked in at all times.  The tissue behind Your stomach muscles can expand and shrink. when you keep your stomach sucked, those tissue shrink, which makes your stomach look slimmer.  You are also burning calories which helps reduce belly fat.
    Don’t eat too late and incorporate regular exercise in your daily routine.

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