How SECP monitors Credit rating agencies?

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I am a university student. I have been assigned a task regarding SECP. I want to know how SECP monitors Credit rating agencies?

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    SECP monitors Credit   rating agencies in the following way: Providing necessary   relaxations   from  the requirements of the Companies (Issue of Capital )  Rules ,  1996 and  listing  regulations  of  stock exchanges ,   in case of   issuance of  securities Providing necessary  relaxations from  the requirements of Ballotters, Transfer Agents and Under writers  Rules Approving Employees  Stock Option Schemes Processing  cases  of violations of  section 18A of the Securities  and Exchange Ordinance,1969. Issuing and Renewing Certificate of Registration: Reviewing documents and reports filled by the credit rating companies. Examining of the existing  legal framework for credit rating companies
    Monitoring of the  intermediaries  associated
    with  IPOs

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