How about a cup of coffee?

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How about a cup of coffee?

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    What is up with the rich aroma of coffee in the morning. After the first cup, you really feel awake. What a delight to sit and have coffee with your friends while they talk lives. And good cold coffee falls on a summer afternoon.

    The coffee is delicious. Let's face it, even people who do not take the smell and recognize at some point they feel like sharing a cup with a good friend. But coffee is much more than that.

    Consumed with measure has great benefits for your health. Its base is caffeine, an alkaloid that contains stimulant properties so it helps keep you awake. But aside from that quality that we all know, here we leave many many benefits of this delicious drink:

    Reduce the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson

    Reduce the risk of gout in men

    Increase the effectiveness of analgesics

    Reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus type II

    Reduce the occurrence of gallstones in men

    Reduce the probability of cirrhosis in drinkers

    Reduce the incidence of heart disease (CHD)

    It has antioxidant powers

    Avoid constipation

    Increased short-term memory

    Prevents muscle fatigue

    Protects the liver from damage caused by alcohol

    And besides,it is low in calories!

    For the coffee will help you improve your health, we recommend you take 1 to 2 cups a day, and 3 in special events. The excessive consumption can bring totally opposed to the above effects. Caffeine itself is addictive, so consúmelo sparingly.

    Fun fact: Finland holds the record for coffee consumption. Finns consume an average of 9 cups per day per adult.

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