How can I create a Ferrari logo?

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When it comes to cars, I have a real passion for Ferrari. It perhaps would not be wrong to say that I am rather crazy about this car. If you get into my room you will find posters pasted all over the walls and if you switch on my computer you will see a Ferrari wall paper and also screen saver. Buying a Ferrari for myself is virtually impossible as I am just a student and my father a school teacher. However, I would like to put the Ferrari logo on my bicycle so I want to know about creating Ferrari logo by myself.

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  1. James Harley

    The Ferrari logo usually consists of a symbol of ‘Prancing Horse’ on a yellow back ground, with the letters SF at the left and right side respectively at the bottom. The name of Ferrari as well as its Logo brings emotion that we feel about speed and sports cars to our mind. You may visit for a better guidance if you want to create a Ferrari logo on your own.

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