How can I fix my dryer.

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My dryer's belt has broken or loosened up. Can I fix it at home. Please help me.

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  1. Guest8218

    Belt breaking is the common problem of dryers.  It connects the motor to drum. Drum will not work properly if the belt is loose or out of work. Whenever you want to check the belt, always unplug the dryer to save yourself from an electrical shock hazard.

    Remove the lower front panel of the dryer. It is placed with a few screws. If you unable to reach the motor from the front, then try to remove the rear access panel which is held in place by screws along the outer edges.

    Access to the motor and belt from the front or from the rear depends on your model of dryer. If you are cautious about position of the motor, remove the lower front panel. If you unable to get access to the motor from the front, you will have to extract the rear access panel which is placed by screws along the outer edges.

    The belt loops over the drum, below the idler pulley, a wheel on a flexible bracket that keeps tension on the belt and around the drive pulley on the motor.

    When you reach into the belt area be careful and protect yourself from the sharp edges on the cabinet and interior supports. Give the tug to the belt when you reach there. You also need to inspect and fix the belt for cracks or wear.  The belt should be replaced if you find cracks or the reinforcing fibers.


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