How can I let my crush go?

by Guest4928  |  12 years, 10 month(s) ago

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This guy I really, really liked moved away a while ago and he doesn’t even come on msn anymore so I can’t keep in touch with him..but I can’t forget about him, I think about him practically all the time and I thinkk we could’ve had something special. It’s not like I feel like that about just any guy, you know? What do you think I should do?

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  1. Guest8514
    Me tooo, summer come, I can't forget my crush, she me girl in school. I go work out, put my head in study, every thing to get her off my mind but I can't. I don't know how, ...................... I just want to cry out out so it may feels easier, but I can't cry neither.Tell her I like her...heck no.... I'm lost in confuse, lost in sadness. but my life is a movie, and I'm the director of it,And i'm not gonna make the end of movie showing I'm in the tomb like stupid Shakespear made "romeo and juliet"  I'll believe I will get over her. In your case, forget him, i'm sure 90 percent he does not like you, if he likes you, he would try anything like facebook, phone to keep in touch,or even  get to talk to you before he move away , sorry,As a guy, I don't think he likes you. I don't know how to get over, but get over is one thing I'm sure you should do.

  2. Guest2489
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