How can I make friends in Hawaii?

by Guest9040  |  12 years, 12 month(s) ago

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I will be moving to Hawaii, I need a friend so that I can enjoy my stay there, where and how can I make friends there

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    You can go online and visit different sites to meet people.

    One of the best site to make friends is below.

    Apart from that you can go to the following places to make friends

    Ahalanuj Pool

    Saltwater Swimming Hole

    Waipio Valley

    Apart from that you can visit following places to meet friends

    Pipeline Cafe

    Skybox Sports Bar & Lounge

    Kahakai Bar

    Esprit Nightclub


  3. Guest1087
    You can make friends in Hawaii by joining different forums. You can also be friend of many people living in Hawaii through social networking.

    You can go these websites for friendship in Hawaii:
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