How can I open a blocked URL?

by Guest6693  |  9 years, 5 month(s) ago

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The administrator has blocked a certain URL and I want to know how to reassess it.

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  1. Guest3921

    This is the simplest way to bypass domain name based access restrictions. Instead of the domain name such as use the direct IP address.

  2. Guest2493

    It is Facebook or Youtube that your administrator has blocked if I am not mistaken. Well, jokes apart, whatever the website your administrator has blocked can be accessed in some other ways, but I am not sure if all those other ways allow you to use full features. Since those other ways are not the normal human way of accessing a website, the website owners normally set restrictions on some of those ways that do not let you to use the full fledged website. Anyway below are those ways:

    1. Using IP address instead of the domain, as mentioned by SEO expert. This is little tricky, i.e. how to find the IP address of the server where site is hosted…… in order to find it, go to and find the IP address first. Then put that IP address in browser address bar and hit enter.

    3. Use proxy website like, etc. This is though the most easiest alternate way to access a website, but most of the proxy sites are not secure, so using a website where your login protected information exists can be dangerous too.

    5. Using software that hide your IP, like hidemyip etc.

    And at the end, I would like to inform you once again the using third party sites can be harmful, so use them at your own risk!


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