How can I provide Advanced Passenger Information from Lufthansa?

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Someone tell me that how to provide advanced passenger Information from Lufthansa.

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  1. Guest7614
    For flights to the USA, airlines are legally obliged to transmit passenger data to the US authorities via the Advance Passenger Information System (APIS). This rule does not apply to passengers with a permanent resident permit (‘green card’) or to transit passengers. Besides the passport data, the following information is required:

    Country of Residence
    Full first address during the stay in the USA:
    Zip code
    Lufthansa passengers booking online can enter the required additional APIS data directly at the end of the booking process. Passengers who have not booked online can also add the required information themselves using the link below. This is one of the ways in which Lufthansa is enhancing the check-in process and simplifying customers' travel preparations for flights to the USA. If passengers do not have all the necessary information at the time of booking, the missing details can be added later. By entering their name and File key (booking reference) here or in the password-protected area under "My account, they can retrieve their booking and complete their data entries.

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