How can I register for India HDFC Bank Credit Cards Net Banking service?

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I want to register for India HDFC Bank Credit Cards Net Banking service. How can I do it?

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  1. Guest5863
    The process for registering your Credit Card for Net Banking is easy.

       1. If you are an HDFC Bank Account Holder and have already registered for Net Banking

          Step 1: Choose "Net Banking" button on the HDFC Bank home page and click on LOGIN.
          Step 2: Click on "Continue"
          Step 3: Once inside Net Banking, click on "Credit Cards" Tab
          Step 4: Click on "Register New Card" link on the left side margin.
          Step 5: Enter your Credit Card number, expiry date and the ATM PIN number and click on "Submit".

          After this one-time registration you will be able to access your Credit Card account through your existing HDFC Bank account customer ID and IPIN.

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