How can I stop drinking

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How can I stop drinking

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  1. Garrett Hnatiuk

    Sorry to tell u acholics have to change on their own i guess this could test how strong your personal realationship is if you won't quit for you there's not much u can do to help yourself when you are unwilling to help yourself. To know more about how to stop alcohol addiction :

  2. Jack Fisher

    To stop drinking you must first admit you have a drinking problem. you must find out why do you resort to drinking and then create a plan that will be best fit for your situation.  Don't forget we don't do well when we try to do it all on our own. use the support of loved ones around you, get help from the government run programs and most importantly, give yourself a strong enough reason to be clean again.  I have answered the question more in details, you can view it by clicking on the link below

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