How can Pakistan and India come closer?

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I am a history student in UK. I have been studding a lot about India and Pakistan relations since over few decades both countries have been always in the mode of fire at each other, could there be any possible way these two countries come close to each other...
In this modernized World where most of the civilized nations are getting through with the ties with other. Pakistan and India are still living in some back age.
The international powers like The USA, UK can help them go through this issue of Kashmir which started right after the partition but still pending since 1947......
Can any one suggest any possible way out for these two countries.

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  1. Guest7398

     Pakistan and India have been in the battle field at number of times. Both countries spend a very handsome amount on there defense budget. The root cause behind this tie between two countries is the Disputed territory of Kashmir which both countries claim as to be in the their boundary line.

    If America all the time talks about peace then what is meant by peace if they are simply trying to push the war which is organized by American's to this part of World.

    America which apparently plays to be on Pakistan side also use to play from Indian side which altogether mix up the things. 

    plus the basic war is of religion not of lines and boundaries.  

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