How can i block my sim and how iget back my sim

by Guest6562  |  9 years, 5 month(s) ago

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  1. Guest1133

     you may need to call the helpline of your service provider and request them for blocking the sim, or else you may go to any franchise of the service provide and request them to block and issue you a new sim, but do not forget to take you CNIC card along because the process will only be applicable if the sim is registered on your CNIC.

  2. Guest9600

    guest22656603 is absolutely right, these are the possible way out to block a sim. But what if the sim is not at your name and you want to block it?

    yes, that also easy you just enter the wrong puk code and your sim will be blocked the most easiest way out no need to call a help line or to go at franchise just do it.....

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