How can someone else collect my benefit from the UK government?

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under certain conditions I have been unable to collect the benefits from the uk government. I tend to know can someone else get my benefits on my behalf

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  1. Guest3567
    If you seek help collecting your benefit or pension payment you can arrange for someone else to do it for you.

  2. Guest6033

    There are certain times when you are unable to collect the amount of benefit yourself. For all such cases Directgov UK has an option to nominate a helper who collects payments on your behalf. You can nominate a helper of your choice but it is recommended to choose from a trusted friend or close relative.

    Normally the Direct Payment, paid into your account is the default option. Your bank/account provider will allow you to designate a helper to access your account on your behalf. You can nominate someone for temporary or permanent basis. To get this done, you need to contact your bank, building society or other account provider.

    If due to some reasons you cannot manage a bank account, you will be receiving a cheque. Here you will have to nominate a helper to Directgov UK who will be then able to cash the cheque payment on your behalf. But your helper cannot get the cheque cashed directly; instead you will need to sign the back of the cheque to show you have asked someone else to cash it for you. There can be different helpers for different times and they will need to sign a declaration, and provide evidence of both your identities at your bank or building society before getting the cheque cashed!


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