How can we get Mike Holmes to come to our house?

by Guest9257  |  11 years, 2 month(s) ago

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We live in a Mobile Home in Corona Ca.I was recently dianosed with Lung Cancer. I have a bad hip & sometimes I need a walker to get around the house. Our Floors & AC/Heating Ducts are caving in. How can we get Mike Holmes & Crew to come to our House to repair them,after the contractor replaced only a few pieces of flooring and they left. Thank-You.

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  1. Guest569
    We just bought a house with an apartment in it.  Recently, the toilet over flowed and since then there has been a sour smell in the entire apartment.  we had several professionals look to see where this small is coming from and no one seems to be able to find it.  Our next step is to rip out walls and floors.  Any suggestions?

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