How can you become a mermaid/merman in one day

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How can you become a mermaid/merman in one day

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    A mermaid and her male counterpart the merman are mythical creatures from lore who possess a human top half and fish bottom half, having a fishtail rather than legs. They also possess the ability to breathe underwater akin to fish, making them humans in the sea.

    In terms of turning into a mermaid or merman, the odds of doing so permanantly without hurting yourself are rare and unfeasible. You should be relieved in knowing that become a mermaid temporarily can be done as follows (courtesy of TheHairPin):

    1. There is a young designer in Florida who custome makes work of art mermaid bottoms that are silicone and cost in the thousands

    2. You can go to a mermaid camp that is hosted in Weeki Wachi Springs, which is a city dedicated to mermaids near Tampa Bay, Florida. Two day sessions teach you acrobatic moves and will earn a certificate to commemorate. 


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