How cars will drive itself in the future

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How cars will drive itself in the future?  How autopilot for you car from Bosch will work?

The process is simple: to get to the highway and when the car is ready to confirm that the driver will activate the function and forget the controls. However, in the first phase of implementation should still be aware of the movement, and you can not disconnect to see the mail or use the phone. And if there is a surprise, as a technical failure or a traffic incident that the car does not know how to solve, the system will reclaim human intervention.

The technological basis of intelligent speed regulators or ACC, which can now equip many cars. Include one or two radars to control the environment in front, and computational algorithms and other electronic supports, make the car keeps the distance with vehicles going forward, and brake and accelerate for a change of pace and adapt to traffic flows.

The next evolution, now available in the Mercedes S Class, is very close to complete autopilot, although she is more thought to bottlenecks for travel. Total control of the direction and the lateral environment, and the car is able to rotate and self guided to about 50 km/h, both straight and curved. For legal regulations and for safety, the driver should keep hands on the wheel, but only supported without applying force.

The third stage, the end of the road - 2020 - allow the millimeter coordinate the operation of all systems and enhance sensory and computational capacity of the vehicle, because the electronics have to process much more information in less time. What is sought is to move the automation in traffic jams to self normal paths, ie, up to 50 km / h current -Class S 120 or 130 km/h, the maximum speed on motorways in most of Europe.

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