How do I apply for Air India ticket refund?

by Guest4813  |  12 years, 10 month(s) ago

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I have reserved a seat of Air India online but cannot go on the due date of my flight. Can someone tell me how to apply for the refund of Air India ticket?

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  1. Guest1296
    You can submit Air India ticket for refund, which is either partially or fully utilized, within one year after expiry of the validity of the ticket. The refund would however be processed subject to the fare restrictions of the Air India ticket. If the payment has been done in cash, a cheque with the refund amount is sent to the address as specified by the passenger.  If the payment has been made by credit/debit card, then the amount is credited back to the same credit card account. The refund cannot be processed to an alternate card account. The transfer to any other card account if required would have to be requested by you to your card issuing bank only. If the payment is made by direct debit-bank transfer, the amount would be credited back to the same bank account that it was debited from.

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