How do I apply for admission in University of Peshawar?

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I want to take admission in University of Peshawar. What is the procedure for admission in the University, how can apply for it. Please share some idea with me. I shall be grateful to you if you can provide me some useful information regarding University of Peshawar and its admissions. I am sure you will answer me as soon as possible.


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  1. Guest1468


    It is quite simple man, you can log on to the official site of University of the Peshawar. But first of all you have to make up your mind that in which discipline you want to take admission. There are different academics sources which are exclusively available on the official site of the University of the Peshawar.

    Just log on to this link and get all information regarding courses and academic sessions. The education and learning process at the University of Peshawar is excellent and one can learn a lot of things in a very conducive environment.

    This is one of the prestigious educational institutes in Pakistan where education is affordable and students can learn in a very positive environment.

    I hope this will work well for you. You can dig out all information on the official site of the Peshwar University. Here you can have a very close look on the educational system and campus environment.

    If you need to know more about Peshawar University than do consult with me here, a I am always here to be of your help.



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