How do I beat amdusias? - Xbox 360 divinity ii: ego draconic

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Please tell me how to beat amdusias in divinity ii: ego draconic for Xbox 360. I have tried a lot but did not succeed it. I am really looking to defeat this monster. Can someone tell me that how can i do this?

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  1. Guest7942

    In Christian study of monsters, Amdusias is a Great monster of h**l

    Amdusias look like a human with claws instead of hands and feet, the head of a unicorn, and a trumpet to symbolize his mighty voice. According towards else references, this demon is depicted as a unicorn, and corrections into a man below the appeal of the conjurer.

    Amdusias is associated with thunder and it has been remarked that his voice is heard during storms. In else references, he is ushered by the tone of trumpets when he arrives and shall grant concerts whether led, but whilst everybody models of musical organs can be heard they can't be seen. He can earn trees bend at will.

    While defeating Amdusias in Xbox 360 divinity 2 you have to make sure all the "tools": blood, reserve (which gives you the magic password) - reserve is in the room with the "bedrooms", on bottom floor, indoor chest. Open menu and read the reserve to utter the magic phrase. Cutscene shall emerge with dragon altering rear to human form. Go to it but as you are approximate to arrive it, STAY IN THE DIP on the bridge. Arrows can kill you quick. When he is plug, drink your majority potent potion and dash to him and begin coughing away (if ur a warrior). KEEP DRINKING POTIONS!! He'll descent soon.

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