How do I disassemble the Vicks V4500 Humidifier motor housing?

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How do I disassemble the Vicks V4500 Humidifier motor housing?

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  1. Guest2357

    when you get the bottom tube off. the fan on the bottom of motor is a press fit, just apply equil amounts arounfd the edges of pulling force and it will come off, then you will see all the screws to get the lower housing off. and clean it.

  2. Guest8858

    To be slightly clearer - the fan referred to is the plastic fan attached to the bottom tube.  I simply tugged moderately on the feed tube itself.  Remove the feed tube and pulling on the rotating disc didn't work and slightly deformed the plastic before I tried again with the feed tube on. 


  3. Guest4127

     FYI - I just tried to take mine apart after about 2 years of use and the plastic fan was practically welded to the motor - no hope of separating it without breaking it. So just for fun, I did break it it basically took a hacksaw and a pair of pliers to get it removed, there was no way to save it and you can't access the screws necessary to disassemble the rest of the unit without remove that plastic fan piece.

    In short, if it won't separate, it's probably not going to come apart and you'll end up breaking it. $20, I guess you can't expect too much.

  4. Guest8913

    Read all of this first.

    You follow the directions and take everything apart, EXCEPT you leave on the pickup tube. You slowly and using slight pressure and force you remove the pickup tube and the white thing that is attached. This will allow you to access the two screws that are not visible.

    When you have them apart you will see the two screws that you most remove. These screws are very deep and you will need something about 6 or 7 inc long. You will remove all the screwees.



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