How do I get funds to start a community base youth programme

by EDWARD AWUVIRI  |  8 years, 6 month(s) ago

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How do I get funds to start a community base youth programme

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  1. Victor Strong

    Let me start by commeding you in your efforts to help youth through this type of vehicle. There is no such thing as too many charitable organizations or too much giving back. In terms of getting funding, asking for money is never easy but a variety of avenues exist for you to try. It also doesn't hurt that what you are asking for is a very worthy cause.

    It is important before you begin to have a concrete and well calculated total figure in terms of what costs will be - both start up and to cover overhead costs moving forward. Also, having a formal (typed) plan will serve you well in asking for money. Google search writing business plans for NPOs. 

    When asking for funding for this type of project I think it is best and usually easiest to begin by asking your first degree or seperation. This includes close family and friends. Beyond that you can ask them to spread the word to their friends and relatives as well. Social media is also an incredibly powerful tool and creating a Facebook page outlining your intentions and proving information is valuable.

    After individuals, institutional investors are the next group to target. This includes funds, companies and other charitable organizations that fund such types of innitiatives. Be sure to find a local directory of such organizations and try calling them. Have a prepared blurb of what you intend to say and try your best to schedule meetings. Believe in yourself and your cause and work hard to get face to face with people. It will serve you very well. Good luck!

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