How do I use my HDFC Bank ATM?

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I have taken the facility of India HDFC Bank's ATM. How do I use my  HDFC Bank ATM?

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  1. Guest2105
    To use the HDFC Bank ATM, just follow these easy steps:

        * Insert / Dip your card into the slot provided.
        * Select the language in which you want to be led through the transactions. (English / Hindi)
        * At the prompt, enter your ATM PIN.
        * Select the transaction you wish to conduct (eg: Cash Withdrawal/ Balance Inquiry etc).
        * Select the account type. If you are using a Credit Card, select the "Credit" option.
        * If you are making a withdrawal, enter the amount you wish to receive.
        * Confirm that the amount is correct.
        * Collect your cash, card and receipt.

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