How do i become a vampire not like a bat thing i mean a vampire like

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How do i become a vampire not like a bat thing i mean a vampire like edward in twilight exepet i can show in the sun

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  1. Guest2977
    There is nothing such a procedure through which you can become a vampire. It is only shown in movies abut nothing in reality.

  2. Guest6599
    that's not true. there are several different ways to become one. a spell, bite, or demon transferrence will make you a vamp. but, vampires are not like the ones in Twilight, if that's why your doing this. in order to become one you have to give up your soal. do you really want to do that? you will not lead even a semblance of your normal life. you might try to kill your family, because you wont be able to stop your need to absorb people's life force, which can be either blood or their soal. it's not what you think. trust me. but you will do what you want anyhow, so here's how to do it. do a spell and offer your soal to a deamon, but bear in mind that the demon will retain possesion of your body so it won't really be you anymore. or get bitten, or the easiest way, do a spell. imagine the vampire you want to be, and imagine this image and yourself merging. it could take months or even years, but keep at it, and you'll be a bloodsucking neak feind in no time.
  3. Guest3787
    listen kid if you want to look like that freak cullen to get some girl to fall for you then email me at i can try my best to help but i need to know what im working with
  4. Guest1847

    oh wow

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