How do you feel about Jason Collins coming out as g*y?

by TQ  |  9 years, 2 month(s) ago

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The fact that an active North American professional athlete has never come out during their playing career makes this a watershed moment. Is the basketball world and society as open minded as they need to be?

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  1. Victor Strong

    As a sports fan, citizen of this world and father I am extremely proud of Jason Collins for becoming the first active athlete in U.S. professional sports to come out of the closet. Given the macho nature of sports culture and the ignorance that still exists in our world as it pertains to homosexuality, it takes a tremendous amount of courage and strength for someone to come out, particularly in our wirelessly connected world.

    I have also been proud to see athletes such as Kobe Bryant show their support for Collins and wish him all the best moving forward. I hope that he inspires other young men and boys to be themselves and change the way teammates think about having a g*y teammate. 

    I think the world is more than ready for this and it is a watershed moment.

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