How do you remove your account to maybenow service

by Guest9175  |  10 years, 4 month(s) ago

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I can find NO WAY to edit or remove my email from this service. I get way to many notifications (spammed !!!) please make it stop

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  1. Jessica_Nancy
    The notification emails, that you are receiving, is propably due to subscribed questions.  just unsubscribe those questions and will not got further emails.
    After login, go to profile page. There is a section named "Alerts". On this, you will see a list of alerts. On some alerts, there are an unsubscribe button, telling you that this alert comes against you subscription. Click the unsubscribe button and you will not get further emails. Check the image below to see :

  2. Jessica_Nancy
    This link will solve your problem.
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