How do you send a complaint to Sho Windickey about your Brahma boots?

by Guest2090  |  11 years, 4 month(s) ago

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  1. paafamily
    I heard that is a Chinese company named Sho Windickey

    they may not have any contact info no where because that is a bad company

  2. Guest3964

    I have been trying to find a source for Brahmna Defender boots.  Our local Wall mart use to carry them but apparrently no longer do.  is there a source on line where they might be oredered from?

  3. Guest4618

    I purchased a pair of brahma steel toed work boots about three months ago and the nonslip tread have holes strait through to the iside of the boot .This kind of product is totally unexceptable and makes me not want to ever purchase any other product with the brand name brahma on it.They where purchased at walmart in horseheads n.y.What kind of  compensation would you be willing to do over this product defect.Please email me back at

  4. Guest9306

    i recently purchased a pair of rambler work boots with the brahma name on them at walmart.i work as a welder and i do not like to buy a pair of boots every 6 weeks,,,,, the rambler style is a piece of @#%$......the soles have split in half and the seams have came apart on them....this is the second pair of them that i have owned and i will not ever buy another pair of brahma work  boots again  due to the poor workmanship and quality that is put into this product..



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