How do you turn into a fairy or a mermaid?

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What do I do to turn into a fairy or a mermaid? HELP! NO RUDE COMMENTS THANK YOU BECAUSE I wouldn't say anything rude to you and no answers like cut your self then jump off a cliff or drown yourself thank you.

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  1. amomipais82
    You MUST wear a symbol on your upper body, like a necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings, etc. Make sure it means something to you. Also, I don't suggest metal, as it can rust and tarnish. I wear a sharktooth necklace, leather cord and wood beads. You don't get to choose what color tail you have, it comes naturally. You recieve your tail in 1 month after you said the spell. You MUST be standing in your shower, etc. and wearing your symbol. It's best if you're naked. Depending on gender, you say either "mermaid" or "merman".

    "Insouciant inclemency,

    Redoubtable mediocracy,

    Refutable humanity,

    Make me what I wish to be...

    A mermaid

    Witches one, and witches all,

    Give this power to me."

    Repeat 10 times. And, importantly, make sure you have it memorized before you start.

    Effects during your one month proccess include the following: Legs changing color, getting itchy, tingly, or aching. Nausia, fatigue, breathing difficulty, coughing fits in water, holding breath longer, random anger, scales, gills on neck or sides, legs sticking together/crossing themselves, constant thirst, headaches, craving water to touch, etc. You may have only a few of these symptoms, and you may have a few different symptoms.

    ...and, no, you don't get powers. This is real life. And, most importantly! Make sure this is what you want!

    Good luck!

  2. Guest1780
    don't do it you'll regret it so don't reget it i promise you that now this is the real spell you can say it when your drie you might want to put some sunscreen on thouh now just say turn me into a faire.

    ok their you go there are no sideafecks so don't wory about it ok


                                  lov ya rebecca dawn kline
  3. Guest8711
    if u want to become a fairy dream and wish about it! i hope it will WORK!!:):)
  4. Guest615
    Actually I think you get powers.... I've only tried that one and you only have to touch water, my cousin had like FIVE of those symptoms in a day!!! I've had like three anyway if you already did this and it worked please comment on this post.
  5. Guest8405
    I did the inclemency one and did'nt get any side affects, is this because I had to keep looking at my shhet of paper cuz I forgot the spell
  6. Guest8445
    I need an awnser how to turn into a fairy .How to do it though.I need something very,very,very easy stuff not crystals though.
  7. Guest6443

    i dont know one but if u find one tell me!

  8. Guest7440

    omg i tried what ali abdullah said and it realy works

  9. Guest6924

     Okay I found this out. To turn into a mermaid you can: First your legs and feet have to be wet and say this ten times: ‘Insouciant Inclemency Redoubtable Mediocracy Refutable Humanity Witches One Witches All Please Make My Wish Come True Also Make Me Have a pick a colour Tail.’

    To change back say. ‘Magic Spirits Of The Sea Turn Me Back What I Want To Be And To Be A Human Stay On Top The Line And Turn Me Into I Meant To Be.’

    Slide affects include itchy Legs, Legs across by themselves, Legs Sticking Together, Legs beginning hard to move, Urge to swim or Touch Water, Water Burning Or Getting Cold When Touches You, Scales Appearing On Your Skin.

    And if you want to turn into a fairy you can: 

    Way 1

    Go outside during the late afternoon with a lounge chair and relax. Everything around you has to be quiet. After a while, start talking to the fairies and tell them how you won't hurt them. If this doesn't work, go out at sunset and bring a jar of honey.

    Step 2

    Set the honey down near your chair and close your eyes. You will hear little laughter and you will probably find a fairy.

    Step 3

    Keep the fairy happy and do whatever it says for 3 weeks. After a while you will notice you are starting to get smaller.

    I have a spell to grow wings guys here it is, Find a sunflower, blades of grass with dew on them, and two bird feathers and recite: ‘The ground is where I lay my feet, The sky is

    where I want to be, Two wings grow where behind me lay, Now jump up and fly away’



  10. Guest6345

    i have a question can anyone tell me a spell that turns you into a fairy but you dont shrink and that you can grant wishes and say spells that really work

  11. Guest2628

    i have become a fairy and you sprinkle sugar ovor your head and you will become a sugar

  12. Guest993


    i have become a fairy,first you sprinkle a little sugar over your head,you then get a egg and break it over your head also ,this might seem a bit extreme but if you want to become a fairy then it is necessary,you then get some flour and pour it onto your head as well ,then rub it all together as if you are washing your hair,make sure you rub it together for 1 minute and not a second over or it will not work,you then set your oven to 150 degrees and place your head in the over for 5 minutes only ,and there you go youve got a fairy cake.

  13. Guest5655

    Okay, so I am part witch, so I might know a thing or two about magical beings and creatures. I have looked at people's comments and I rated them. Most of them I rated badly. If you want to become a mermaid I might be able to help you a bit. Go to, then you would go to the search bar at the top. Type in mermaid spells at the top. This site is free to the public, so you won't have to sign up ro anything. You may get a few options, so try any of them. Once you find it, try it. You don't have to be a magical being or whatever to do the spells on that site. I don't think it is undoable, so think twice before casting the spell!

    Glad to be of assistance,


  14. Guest312

    Please tell me im 9 years old and ireally want to know how

  15. Guest3939

    go into the forest and sit by a tree or on a tree sing softly to the frairies and ask them to turn you into one of them very nicely

  16. Guest9268

    i just get really wet and then i scream, come on posiden let me b with u! then a man appears in the water and its posiden and he says come ill let u b wut u want to b! and i say, o ya! then i change into a mermaid until i get out of the water. i get to choose my tail color so ya. but make sure ur really wet. i always choose purple. o and it has to b summer or it wont work. i love u chris! bye bye!

  17. Guest9802

    first kill a fish then cut of its scales last glue the scales on

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