How does Google personalizes sites result?

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How does Google personalizes sites result?

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    Google is always trying to provide its users with best search results and personalization of searches on one step towards providing better quality and more refined, possibly localized search results. But this has some limitations too, i.e. search results can be personalized only for logged in users. So when you are logged in and are making some searches, Google keeps a record of it, i.e. sort of browsing history which allows Google to identify your interests and targeted searches etc. Since Google keeps a record of whatever you have been searching and which sites you clicked from search results, on which you stayed how much time etc, that helps Google to identify which site you liked and stayed more and which you did not. And when next time you make same searches, Google prefers the best sites to be displayed for you first.

    Further since, Google requires you to opt for a geographic location when you sign up, and that is maintained within your Google account, most of the time, Google shows you local search results, i.e. you are an Indian and make a search for online shopping, Google will list all Indian online shopping portals at top! This is the overall process of personalization of websites by Google that involves lots of Algorithms and technical stuff.

    If you’re a webmaster and checking your website in SERPs, it is always recommended to do so while being signed out from Google. You will then be able to get the exact position of your pages in search results.


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