How does my Receiver receive the funds from moneygram?

by Guest8089  |  12 years, 11 month(s) ago

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I want to tell the details of moneygram receiving to my brother. Can someone tell me that how does my receiver receive the money? What is the procedure for that?

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  1. Guest8295
    Your Receiver may pick up the funds at any MoneyGram retail Location. For transfers sent to moneygram Bancomer Service in Mexico or Banco Uno Service in Nicaragua, please convey the Bancomer confirmation Number to your Receiver as well. To find a MoneyGram Receive Location, check their Locator, or refer to your Receiver to check our website at If you are having trouble finding a convenient Location, please advise your Receiver to contact moneygram and they will help them. Your Receiver should bring photo ID when they go to pick up the Transfer.

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