How does the Catholic Church elect a new pope?

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How does the Catholic Church elect a new pope?

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     A new pope is selected by the College of Cardinals through a meeting of the minds known as the Papal conclave. During this meeting, the cardinals vote on who they will choose to be the next Pope, the earthly leader of the Catholic church and its 1.2 billion followers.

    The process to select the pope is through a ballot with each cardinal making their choice and then the results being tallied. The voting takes place in the Sistine Chapel with many onlookers in the Vatican and world round looking on. On the first day of votes, a single voting round is conducted. If no pope is selected four voting rounds are done on each subsequent day until a choice is made.

    In order to let their followers know, a chimney and smoke therewithin is used as a signal. Black smoke indicates that a choice has still not been made while white smoke means a new leader has been elected by his peers.

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