How does the Punjab National Bank India ECS Debit Scheme work?

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My friend wants to know, How does the Punjab National Bank India  ECS Debit Scheme work?

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  1. Guest7279
    The PNB India ECS Debit User intending to collect receivables through ECS Debit has to submit details of the customers (like name, bank / branch / account number of the customer, MICR code of the destination bank branch, etc.), date on which the customer’s account is to be debited, etc., in a specified format (called the input file) through its sponsor bank to the ECS Centre.

    The PNB India  managing the ECS Centre then passes on the debits to the destination banks for onward debit to the customer’s account with the destination bank branch and credits the sponsor bank's account for onward credit to the User institution. Destination bank branches will treat the electronic instructions received from the ECS Centre on par with the physical cheques and accordingly debit the customer accounts maintained with them. All the unprocessed debits are returned to the sponsor bank (for onward return to the user institution) within the time frame specified.

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