How effective electric cars can be in modern age?

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How much these electric cars can be cost effective. I have heard some positive and negative aspects of these new electric cars. There are schools of thoughts who are always saying negative words about electronic cars like in Pakistan.

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  1. Guest84

    No one can deny that it is quite hard to overcome the energy crises of the contemporary age. It is a better option for car drivers to get rid of the conventional ways of utilizing motor fuels. Now electric cars are the ultimate solution for every problem.  Electric cars are not only fuel efficient but on the same time it can save our environment as well. It’s better to have a clean environment with small, but energy efficient electric cars.

    It’s good to know that electric driven vehicle is that its bargain to operate. It charges about $2.50 to propel 100 miles on electrical power, founded on today's residential electrical power rates ascribed by Progress Energy. Driving the identical expanse while utilizing petrol charges $10 to $12, counting on fuel effectiveness and the cost of gasoline is not a good option.

    The electric driven car's major drawback is also there, as running out of juice extract, routinely renowned as range anxiety. The Leaf has can proceed 70 to 140 miles on a lone ascribe, counting on going by car methods and conditions. Running the car's heater, for demonstration, decreases effectiveness 25 percent. Still you want to ask something related to electric cars than do consult us here.



  2. Guest7424

     They can be very much effective but issue is that then there will be a electricity problem as well to an already existing issues to the world there would be another one.

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