How far will Pakistan go in the ICC Cricket World Cup?

by Guest4210  |  12 years, 4 month(s) ago

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What do you think how far will Pakistan go in ICC cricket World Cup 2011? Or in other words what is the highest level the Pakistan team will reach?

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  1. Jessica Ward


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  2. Guest2022
    I think, Pakistan will reach and lose in the semi-finals
  3. Guest4641
    InshaAllah, Pakistan will become 2011 world cricket champion!
  4. Guest1448
    Well, Pakistan will reach and lose in the final.
  5. Guest937

     I wish they win the World Cup :)

  6. Guest1332

    InshAllah pakistan will win the World cup 2011......

  7. Guest5563

     Till semi finals

  8. Guest9511

    Inshallah Pakistani team will be the world champion of 2011.

  9. Guest3914

    Pakistan will win the world cup. Its Destiny. :)

  10. Guest6601
    Pakistan will reach and lose in the quarter-finals!
  11. Guest3016

    Will reach the semis and than their luck, but do they have potential to steal the show and the cup........

  12. Guest8730

    Pakistan will win this time, it is high time to bring the trophy home.

  13. Guest7884

     Well on papers it seems that Pakistan will have really tough time to reach semi, however now its depend that which team gona play wid us in knock out....

    Beside all INSHAALLAH we will be the Champz.........

  14. Guest8023

     Lets hope for the best. Inshallah Pakistan will win the ICC World Cup 2011!

  15. Guest3988

    Pakistan team is on fire now if they controlled thier weaknesses and played with full combination i think they will win the world cup.

  16. Guest2876

     Pakistan will win ICC world cup 2011 INSHALLAH. 

  17. Guest4589

     I do not even think Pakistan will win the next match, semi finals and "winning a world cup" is a long shot. But still, lets keep our fingers crossed.

  18. Guest9382

    in my prediction Pakistan will face India in finals they would be trapped by so many Hindus and we have to call NATO forces to evacuate pakistani team from Indian ground

  19. Guest4214

    Its far out of any ones reach simply, they will Rock and Roll the World Cup.

  20. Guest1508

    Pakistan will reach in semi final.

  21. Guest9894
    Pakistan won't go beyond the group games, I think!
  22. Guest133

    Keeping in vision their ongoing performance and practice, it is believed that Pakistan will be held victorious throughout this word cup (if the team battled against their rivals with the same enthusiasm), otherwise, they may literally touch quarter finals stage and then back home!

  23. Guest3585

     I think Pakistan will become 2011 World cricket champion, InshAllah......

  24. Guest6288

    Pakistan cricket team is bringing the world cup home, Inshallah.

  25. Guest4619

     semi-finals at best!

  26. Guest3783


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