How is managing sugar deal in Pakistan?

by Guest6308  |  11 years ago

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My friend told is selling sugar for 25 rs in Pakistan.The distribution price for sellers is more then 50rs, i just want to know how they are managing it.

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  1. Guest2211

    The groupin is promoting the best buying strategy, the more u buy the more you will get discount. could be known as group buying strategy. Heres the best example that i can provide 

    You buy a shirt that cost around 1500 rs, but if you buy it in bulk like 150 shirts you will get 50 percent discount, Event the local dealer can give you the shirt for 700-800 rupees.

    if you remeber the sugar price was 25- 30 rupees back in 2005. it doesnt matter it cant be sold for 25rs in 2011. 


  2. Guest181

     i stll need to understand how they are doing it but i think its a good step.

  3. Guest4240
  4. Guest4809

    Well, it's collective buying and is very popular in developed countried whereby people buy in groups and get huge discounts. On the other hand this strategy is very good for merchants who can get valid customers and pay only when then get a customer.... As a merchant I think this business model is 100% better than traditional advertising and bill boards, there return is very limited.

    As long as sugar deal is concerned, I am not sure how successful it will really be, but I feel it's going to be credited by a common Pakistani consumer as Sugar crisis is the dilema of time in Pakistan and selling sugar at such cheaper rates is a great effort!

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