How is cow's milk allergy treated?

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My daughter had and she was allergic to cow's milk. Form the last month she is very upset regarding the problem. Is there any website that helps us how is cow's milk allergy treated?

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    The breast-fed child: If you're breastfeeding, and your child has been diagnosed with a cow's milk allergy, you don't need to stop breastfeeding. In fact, your baby's allergic symptoms can be relieved by simply removing dairy products from your own diet, as well as your baby's. Your doctor can advise you about a healthy, dairy-free diet that would be appropriate for you. The formula-fed child: If your child is diagnosed with a milk allergy, and is being fed milk-based formula, your doctor will probably recommend switching to either soy-based or hydrolysate formulas. But simply switching to another type or brand of milk-based formula won't help, as it's necessary to avoid the cow's milk protein which is found in all regular formulas.If the child has been diagnosed with a severe milk allergy, the doctor may prescribe special medications in addition to a dairy-free diet. These medications, such as antihistamines or epinephrine (Epipen or Ana-kit), are to be used as directed if your child accidentally consumes dairy products and experiences an allergic reaction.

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