How many Pakistanis Cricket players are playing in current IPL league of 2011?

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Do you know how many Pakistanis are playing in IPL league matches? Please specify their Club. Thanks

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  1. Guest9187

    "IPL is an abbreviation of Indian Premier League, which is based upon 20-20 format of the game. 20-20 format got introduced a couple of years ago but it spread like a fire and became really famous. Cricketing fans loved this format and received it well. Now the cricket matches are played and decided in 40 overs in total and in less than half the time of a one day match. This format became really famous in Pakistan as well and it suited the gameplay of the Pakistani players making them an important part of it.

    Currently no Pakistani player is playing in IPL, there is a talk of Pakistan coming up with its own version of IPL but at the moment there are no actions to be seen in such directions. Pakistani players played in the 2008 tournament of IPL. That was the only and the last IPL played by Pakistani players. Following the attacks in Mumbai Pakistani players were not included in any of the teams of IPL. Last year in 2010, some of the Pakistani players were available but none of teams placed any bids for them, this year in 2011 none of the Pakistani players were even included in the bids. IPL is played by the top players in the world because of the financial benefits and rewards they get out it, Pakistani players have not been able to make any substantial amount of money out of it because of keeping them away of it." 

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