Aviation flight schools in Canada operating presently

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My son has a passion for flying and has some good knowledge about aircrafts as well. I have promised him that I will send him abroad for acquiring Commercial Pilot License once he is done with his studies. I would like to some to tell me about aviation flight schools in Canada if I send him there.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    There are many aviation flight schools all over Canada in almost all the states. Given below is a list of some leading aviation flight schools in some states of Canada.

    British Columbia

    3Lines Aviation Ltd.

    Air-Hart Aviation

    Babin Air Flight Training

    Canadian Flight Centre Inc.

    Classic Aviation


    Adler Aviation

    Aero Academy Incorporated

    Aviation International-Canada

    Aviator Academy

    B.P. Flight Training Inc.


    Adventure Aviation Inc.

    BDA Flight Training

    Border City Aviation Ltd.

    Calgary Flight Training Centre

    Calgary Flying Club


    A.L.M. Par Avion Inc.

    Aero Plus la Baie

    Air Richelieu

    Aviation 550

    Bombardier Aerospace Training Centre


    Brandon Flying Club

    Harv's Air

    Interlake Aviation

    Mountain City Aviation

    Perimeter Flight Training Academy

    Prairie Helicopters Inc

    Shoal Lake Aviation

    Winnipeg Aviation

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