How many modern art museums are there in Patagonia?

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I am visiting Patagonia next week and I want to have a look at all the modern art museums there. I have list of many museums in Patagonia but there is no information about the numbers of modern art museums in Patagonia. Can you please tell me how many modern art museums are there in Patagonia?

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    This museum was formed by the Board of Directors of Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales in the year 1987. After the company passed onto private hands, the museum was then transferred to Universidad de la Patagonia. This institution was in charge of carrying on with the mission of spreading the information about the oil sector in the country. The exploration of the discovery of this hydrocarbon in the city is revived during the tour.

    After some time, we passed onto a historical room, that deals with the subject of discovery of the “black gold” in Comodoro Rivadavia and it was the first main characters that resulted in its exploitation, it also laid out the various oil basins in the Argentina.

    Various models of important distilleries are located all through the country complete the exhibition with r elements like ancient pumps and a Ford T, fireproof suits, photographs, letters and also telegrams from those days.

    Some of the other famous museums of Patagonia are Rada Tilly Regional Museum, The Railway and port Museum, Pioneers Museum, Malvinas Argentinas Museum, Roberto Galian Railway Museum, Sea Art and Regional Museum.


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