How many types of martial arts are there?

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Is there anyone who can inform me that how many types of martial arts are there? Actually my brother is very fond of these types of activities so please help me in detail. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Jennifer

     "There are so many martial art techniques which people use to follow, among all Japanese martial arts, Korean martial arts and Chinese martial arts are very popular. Names of some of them are here:

    • Aikido

    • Judo

    • Jujutsu

    • Karate

    • Kendo

    • Ninjutsu

    • Shurikenjutsu

    • Sumo

    • Choi Kwang-Do

    • GongKwon Yusul

    • Gwonbeop

    • Gyongdang

    • Haidong Gumdo

    • Han Mu Do

    • Hankido

    • Hapkido

    • Hwa Rang Do

    • k*k Sool Won

    • k*k Sul Do

    • Kumdo

    • Kung Jung Mu Sul

    • Shippalgi

    • Ssireum

    • Subak

    • Taekkyeon

    • Taekwondo

    • Tang soo do

    • Yusul


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