How much Astronomers earn annually in USA?

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I want to become an Astronomer in future as I am studying in the same field. I am undergraduate student in this field and want to become a professional Astronomer. I heard that Astronomers earn a handsome amount of money almost in 6 digits. I do not know much about the salary of Astronomers but still I want to know about it. This thing can enhance my interest in this field of studies. Please someone tell me the average annual salary of Astronomers? I would be thankful.

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  1. Guest3986
    Before telling you about the salary of astronomers, let me tell you what an astronomer is. Professionally astronomers are highly educated people who mostly have a doctorate degree in physics or astronomy and are working at academia. Now the salary of astronomers, they earn more than $125,000 annually. According to David Helfand, professor at Columbia University, 80% of professional astronomers work in academia, while others might be employed by the government. The employment number is probably close to 3,000, he said. I think the profession you have chosen for yourself is a good one and you can earn a 6 digit salary at the end. I wanted to become an astronomer when I was a kid as stars and things about them always fascinated me. I want to wish you good luck in your future and also recommend you to study hard and do not switch your field. Best of luck

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