How much does earn?

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I want to know about the site Since when it is publishing news and what is about its earnings, how much earnings this site earn?

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  1. Guest7082

    The Pakistani Spectator is founder of this site. It has been publishing news since 2003 about politics, current affairs. There are many news and latest updates from the site that a person can read from the website. The information is divided into different sectors, i-e Entertainment, Politics, Interviews and Private Policy. Latest news are also published like the news on the event occurred in the Abbottabad in Pakistan about the killing of Osama Bin Laden. There are different comments on these topics. People have asked different questions about this topic and most of their topics and questions are answered by experts.

    Similarly there are other Political news to stay updated to the Pakistan Politics, There were different blogs that were also published and reports on the activities like the Union of the Political Parties and their results and opinion about the senior correspondents.

    Apart from English blog and news. There are options where you can write you comment and post your news, however for that you have to follow the guidelines for posting. Interviews of favorite people and celebrities are also published on the website and you can view about their views and opinions. In short Pakspectator is site dedicated to the viewers and spectators of Pakistan. There are lots of posting a day and due to large traffic on the site, it has a good earning.


    There are probably as many as 13542 daily visitors on the website and they generate daily income of 36.88 euros, and a monthly income of 1106.40 euros. The overall revenue of the site is estimated as 283,571 euros.

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