How much is 1885 E pluribus Unum one dollar coin worth?

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I have 1885 E pluribus Unum one dollar coin; I need to know the worth of 1885 E pluribus Unum one dollar coin. Please tell me.

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  1. Jennifer
    In fact, this dollar is renowned as a Morgan Silver Dollar, which has a large "E Pluribus Unum" logo on the front of every individual these kinds of coins. The worth counts on where it was minted and the status of the coin. It was minted in Philadelphia, Carson City, New Orleans and San Francisco. Here are the costs as declared by USA Coin Book:
    • Carson City (large "CC" mint mark): $360 in good quality up to $610 in MS60 mint condition. In MS65 Brilliant Uncirculated manner, it is worth $1,650.
    • New Orleans (large "O" mint mark): $19 in good condition up to $40 in MS60 mint condition. in MS65 Brilliant Uncirculated condition, it is worth $163.

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