How much is insurance for a car with an antique tag in Trinidad?

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I am thinking of buying an antique car but I am not even quite sure how the insurance and registration works. I live in Trinidad and I want to know the cost for insurance of an antique car covering all damages and repairs. Please let me know the major benefits of the insured car as well.


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  1. Guest3069

    Hello there

    Let me clear you that not every insurance company covers antique cars, as there are some prerequisites of covering antique cars.  

    Well, keep in mind that a comprehensive Motor Policy should cover damages to the Insured Vehicle, whether it is an old antique car or a new one. The major things can be by accidental collision, overturning, fire and car theft. No matter subject to insurance policy terms and exclusions, the policy should also cover the Insured liability to Third Parties for bodily injury or property damage arising out of the use of the Vehicle.

    The most important thing about the Insured car may also opt for additional benefits for Windscreen Damage, Personal Accident, and Special Perils which include earthquake, hurricane, windstorm and flood.

    You asked about the actual insurance premium or overall cost then you should consult these famous insurance companies to have the exact idea.

    The Association of Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Companies

    Tatil - Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Limited

    The Deposit Insurance Corporation (DIC)

    Cheer up, as here you can get the exact information about the insurance cover and all necessary details about insurance.



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