How much is secure smile teeth?

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I lost a tooth and right now I cannot afford to get it fixed. I wanted to know could this work temporary. I am in a great need of some useful information. Please let me know if you have some useful information regarding this issue. I shall be very grateful to you.


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  1. Guest3333

    Hello there

    You cannot compare it with your real teeth and it is a fact that fakes are always fake.

    I think I should tell you what it is all about. A Secure Smile is basically a shell which is made out of a dental acrylic and goes over your original upper teeth and gums. Surprised? Not to worry there is no certain dark line that is sometimes seen with older front caps. With the use of the plastic thermal fitting beads or denture adhesive (easier), you can provide a custom fix and the teeth stay in your mouth securely.

    Let me clear you that these teeth are seem to be original and these are the most realistic teeth you can buy to help your smile. On the other hand the teeth and gums are also natural in color, not fake bright white, and have a slightly translucent appearance like that of real teeth enamel.

    Finally I can say that you can use it easily and there is no problem in using Secure Smile. So go for it and use it without any hindrance.

    I am happy to be of your help.



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